Who we are

Our Background

We are a distinguished team of professionals and firms with more than 25 years of experience in various sectors. With a wealth of expertise and experience, we are committed to leveraging our collective knowledge to contribute to the growth of the Indian economy. Our team comprises individuals who have held top-level positions across different industries. By utilizing the skills and insights acquired throughout our careers, we aim to make a significant impact and drive the progress of businesses in India.

Why Us

Helps you focus on your core

Leverage our expertise across functions and industries to manage your business.

One-click-platform for all your scaleup needs

One-stop-shop for legal, tax and professional services in an easy to manage platform which can manage your requirements.

Helps to predict and plan your growth

Leverage expertise from seasoned industry (specially metallurgy industry) specialist backed with our AI capabilities to identify next stages of growth avenues for your business


Leadership in expert services with a core belief in growth, sustainability, and governance.


To be leading platform with 30+ year experience professionals from global market.

Core Values​

Transparency, Trust and Togetherness